Precision Engineered Series 1 2018 Gold Sovereign
Containing 1 BTC

Bitcoin Goes Sovereign

A Physical Bitcoin; a Momentous Moment, Heralding the Arrival of a Truly Physical, Digital-Store of Value

At Last, an Incorruptible, Secure Physical Bitcoin

22 Carat Gold 2018 Gold Sovereign
Custom, Pressure Tamper Proof Hologram Seal Conceals Etched Private Key Private Key is Laser Etched NB Etching is Scanner Proof 22 Carat Gold 2018 Gold Sovereign with well

Series 1

A Very, Very Different & Unique Gold Sovereign

Front Reverse
Extruded View
Embedded Inside Layers

Secure Physical Bitcoin

Cashly has created the world's finest physical Bitcoin. This precision engineered piece leverages the inherent value of a minted gold coin and elevates it with an incorruptible structure to create the most secure means of holding a physical form of this digital asset.

Cashly's unique understanding of impenetrable coin structures is enhanced in this instance with techniques borrowed from the world of coin magic. The Cashly Series 1 Gold Sovereign is machined in a similar manner to a magical effect known as 'Coin Unique', though in this instance, the coin effectively serves as a bearer item for digital bitcoins.

Precision Engineered 2018 Gold Sovereign

The coin consists of 4 principle components, which together form a tamper proof and incorruptible structure. The private key is housed securely within a partially shelled 22 carat gold sovereign; arguably the most well known collectable gold coin in existence.

Using a well-known (but limited in number) minted coin provides additional advantages, not least with the impossibility of creating an effective forgery. Furthermore, the engineering is so precise that the coin can be handled and examined without revealing its secret. Evidence of the nest contained within the coin is undetectable to the naked eye when the sovereign is in its 'locked' state. The coin can be unlocked at any time, without compromising the tamper proof hologram (eg. to determine the validity of the coin and inspect the address to ensure the value remains unredeemed).

The pressure tamper proof hologram seal ensures it is impossible to read the etched private key on the disk inside without destroying the hologram itself, which exposes a honeycomb-like tamper-evidence pattern when peeled. Of course redemption is a valid action for a Cashly Series 1 owner and redeeming the private key back into digital Bitcoins is available with a patched reference client and many of the alternative clients.

Cashly Payment and Delivery

  • Secure instant online Bitcoin payment process.
  • Coin delivered within 3 weeks, with regular contact and updates. A mutually agreed delivery time will be reached.
    (Only UK and EU countries)
  • Secure signed delivery with GPS tracking device.
  • SMS code verification for delivery acceptance.
  • Order 100% refundable within 24 hours.
  • Cashly holds responsibility for all orders till the coin is accepted by the recipient.
  • BTC payments made to Cashly are not liquidated into Fiat.

Series 1 is limited to a total edition of 20 Coins