Genesis Series 2018 Physical Chip
Containing 0.001 BTC

0.001 BTC Cashly Chips

A Physical Bitcoin; a Momentous Moment, Heralding the Arrival of a Truly Physical, Digital-Store of Value

At Last, an Incorruptible, Secure Physical Bitcoin

Genesis Series

Our Genesis Series coins are now here. They're designed to make gifting Bitcoin the last word in simplicity.

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Genesis Series containing 0.001 BTC

We believe that Bitcoin is an excellent store of value. Digital gold, limited issuance, the best developers and guaranteed scarcity will ensure more and more people will want to safely hold some Bitcoin.

Genesis Series coins are designed to make gifting Bitcoin the last word in simplicity. No awkward pass phrases to write down, no lost passwords and no lost Bitcoin. Just physical coins to hodl for the future.

  • Each chip contains a private key
  • Tamper proof
  • Uniquely numbered hologram
  • Secure and audited assembly under legal supervision

Limited edition of only 5,000 coins

The Bitcoin Standard is coming and the demand for Cashly's Genesis Series chips are set to outstrip supply. Register today for notice of the launch date -- coming soon.

Cashly Payment and Delivery

  • Secure instant online Bitcoin payment process.
  • Chip delivered within 3 weeks, with regular contact and updates.
    (Only UK and EU countries)
  • Order 100% refundable within 24 hours.
  • Cashly holds responsibility for all orders till the chip is accepted by the recipient.
  • BTC payments made to Cashly are not liquidated into Fiat.

Genesis Series is limited to a total edition of 5,000 Chips
Minimum order 10 chips. Maximum 50 chips per person. Launch price 0.00125 BTC